Wednesday, 5 May 2010

All Sunstar Rental Listings Now Also Posted on Real Estate Channel

Sunstar Realty rental listings will now be posted on Real Estate Channel as well. Click here: to see rental property listings at Real Estate Channel

On top of all other marketing effects we already have in place to sell our rental properties on behalf of our investor landlord clients, we have just started another initiative with Real Estate Channel. This is a one year trial to see if the addition TV exposure + their internet supplemental presence of Real Estate Channel can increase our rent properties' exposure to prospective tenants in the market place.

All rental properties currently for rent managed by Sunstar or marketed by Sunstar will be posted on their portal which will be featured on their TV network and also be listed on their website. TV ads are 30 seconds each with 7 real estate photos aninated to professional voiceovers. Web ads come with photo gallery, maps, property description and simultaneous craigslist postings as well.

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